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Martin Nink

Raised and grown up in a half-Austrian, half-German family interested and working in art, the magic of creativity hooked me at young age. Torn between my early selected form of art - photography - and my second huge passion - sport - I decided to study sports science in Cologne, Germany.

During my studies, I always practised and extended my photography skills, shooting all kinds of sports and getting my feed into the fashion business, working as a model as well as shooting models in Hamburg, where I lived for 2 years at the end of my studies.

After graduating from University, I moved to London to hone my photographic skills and continued in Paris and New York where I got my first decent assignments as a photographer.

Back in Germany, I moved to Munich, drawn to the proximity to the Alps - my third big love beside photography and sports.

Combining my physical and outdoor skills, my knowledge about perfect movement in several sport activities, my experience in the fashion and model business with my work as a photographer, I got assignments shooting for well-known sport and fashion brands, mountain resorts in winter and summer time and corporate outdoor projects all over the world.

Getting back to my arty roots, I developed a special technique for conceptual photo art work for big walls. Fascinated by the visual effectiveness and the possibilities to transport their company values in a breath-taking, unique way, I recently got assignments from Red Bull and Infineon for extended work in their company buildings. For further information, please visit my separate website

Always spending a lot of time in the countryside shooting, scouting locations or for pure pleasure, I decided to dedicate an Instagram account to my big love and location scout aka trailblazer Nukka - the best dog in the world!

Check it out if you are a sucker for beautiful landscapes and wilderness shots. #supernukka  - all shots on the Instagram account are taken on an iPhone.

My clients & partners


  • Adidas
  • Bench
  • BMW
  • Bogner Golf
  • Burton
  • Athletics
  • DVI Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut
  • Dr. Rhomberg Sanatorium
  • Freiraum Tirol
  • GLAM Media
  • Helmholtz Zentrum
  • IC Berlin
  • Infineon
  • K2
  • Laurèl
  • Laurus Property
  • Lola Paltinger
  • Mayrhofen Tourismus
  • Montafon Tourismus
  • Ohlala&Solala
  • O’Neill
  • Pharmos Natur
  • Phillip Morris
  • Red Bull
  • Reviderm
  • Sariana Dessous
  • Sankt Leonhards Quellen
  • Scott
  • Sensapur Kosmetik
  • Siemens
  • SOS Kinderdörfer
  • Sport Scheck
  • Tantris
  • T-Mobil
  • TIROL Werbung
  • VANS
  • Vinaturel
  • Zimtstern
  • Zuerich Versicherungen


  • ADAC Magazin
  • American Express Magazin
  • Bilanz
  • Bolero
  • Capital
  • Die WELT
  • Falstaff
  • Finanz
  • Focus
  • Gala
  • L’EQUIPE Magazine
  • Lufthansa Magazin
  • Moto X Magazin
  • MYWAY Magazin
  • Onboard Magazine
  • Playboy
  • Red Bull Bulletin
  • Snowboarder MBM
  • SPORT Magazin Österreich
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Swiss Magazin
  • The Independent Magazin
  • Transworld Snowboard Magazine